For all readings, it is crucial that you have your exact birth time. Even a slight approximation can throw the whole chart off.

Natal Chart 

For Individuals—$85

45 min — 1 hour reading

By reading our birth chart—the map of the sky at the moment of our first breath—we can learn how to make better use of our gifts, and make peace with our weaknesses. We can understand more about how we think, act, relate, and love. Knowing our planets helps us consciously provide each of them proper nourishment so we can become more of who we are.

Solar Return

For Individuals—$60

45 min — 1 hour reading

Also known as the birthday chart, this particular reading is a snapshot of the moment the sun and earth return to relatively the same place in the sky as when you were born. It shows us a map of what major themes will be present in your next year ahead. All of the planets, including the sun, will emanate energy from their positioning in the chart for the entire year.

Compatibility Quickie

For Individuals—$25

15 minute reading

I personally believe there is no bad match in the zodiac. Some pairings may require more effort to understand each other, but there is always a lesson to be learned and that is the glory of it all! In this mini reading, I look at the basics of your natal chart as it pertains to love, sex, and emotion. 

If you’re single: I can make a few recommendations on what to look for in a partner.

If you’re in a relationship: A few key points in communicating emotional and physical needs to your partner.

Dating the Zodiac

For Individuals—$45

30 Minute Reading

Whether you’re single or casually dating, this is a great way to get clarity on what exactly you’re looking for in a romantic partner. Based off of your natal chart, we can examine the ways you express affection and how you prefer to receive it. Would it be fulfilling to be with someone very similar to you or would you get your needs met by taking the “opposites attract” route? Is it important to find a partner who will be your sun, moon and stars, or is it crucial for you to exercise a certain level of freedom? These questions and many more answered!

Star-Crossed Lovers

For Couples—$90

75 Minute Reading

This service looks at a synastry and composite chart for a comprehensive report.

Using both yours and your partner’s natal charts, we create an overlap of the two wheels to study compatibility. With this, we compare and analyze the aspects of the romantic relationship. How does person A have an effect on person B, and vice versa? Perhaps person B is extracting intense emotion from person A, while person A’s nature is making person B more communicative, for example. In all relationships, there are harmonies and challenges. The synastry provides a cosmic map to assist in navigating the ebbs and flows that inevitably come with romantic involvement.

The aforementioned synastry chart looks at how two people influence each other, but the composite chart dives into the energetics of the relationship. Instead of looking at two charts simultaneously, we create an entirely new chart from the two. We approach it like the “birth” of the partnership, the same way we look at a natal chart and read the birth of an individual. With the composite chart, we can see why the relationship exists, what’s keeping the couple together, and how the two people function together. This is less about the feelings and chemistry, and more about the meaning of it and lessons to be learned.


Available for pop-ups and parties

condensed readings (5-10 Min per individual)

Rather than going through all tenets typically covered in a chart reading such as the signs, planets, aspects, and houses, we can customize this offering to fit the needs of your event. These are the most popular options:

  • The Big Three (sun, moon & rising only)

  • Love and Lust (sun, moon, venus & mars only)

  • Solar Surprise (quick reading of interesting or unusual placements)

  • Here & Now (current planetary movements and how they interact with your personal chart)

Please email me directly at if you would like astrology readings at your next event.